March 21, 2017
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Q: What was your first exposure to “Rocky Horror”?

A: It was the musical, not the movie. I saw it at the Ordway with my mom and dad when I was 12. My sister was in it. After bridging the awful gap of watching your sister play a slutty character on a family outing, I buckled down and really enjoyed the performances. I fell in love with Brad, which is kind of crazy for a 12-year-old, but I just knew I wanted to play the part. I just never thought it would be in this capacity.

Q: What drew you to him?

A: On an overly simplified level, I could relate to Brad’s innocence, this kind of blind assumption that he knows everything but doesn’t really know anything at all. It’s so delicious that he’s nerdy and hasn’t come into his own yet.

Q: Brad gets pretty kinky by the end of the movie. How did you brace yourself for the transformation — and the fact that so many people are going to be watching it?

A: At the very first rehearsal, the director [Kenny Ortega] put all of us in the middle of a room to do — I’m not sure how to describe it — exercises in sexual awakening. He had us walk around and get uncomfortably close to each other, making contact with the first person we saw, holding them, flirting with them, lying down on the floor with them. The strategy was that we weren’t going to talk about it, but just dive into it and accept that this is the kind of movie we were doing. After that, nothing was uncomfortable.

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